Viral Hepatitis B

Viral Hepatitis B is a liver disorder which is caused due to a viral infection to the liver, this disorder causes inflammation in the liver and swelling also, this is considered to be of two different types one is acute hepatitis B and the other one is chronic hepatitis B, an acute case generally needs no treatment but the chronic case requires a lot of care and treatment because a chronic case may not be treated fully in a life time we can only reduce the speed of damage to the liver which is due to this disease.

According to the records around 2500 to 3500 persons die because of this disease alone in United States of America and around 1.5 million people are suffering from this ailment in US alone. The process of treating this disorder includes antiviral medicines and in advance cases the liver replacement may be required.

Causes of Viral Hepatitis B

The virus of Viral Hepatitis B is transmitted from one person to another mainly through the body fluids, that means if you are transfused by and infected blood, having unprotected sex with an infected person, sharing needles for the I/V drugs you will certainly be infected by this virus.

Some personal things can also be the cause of spreading this disease for example using a toothbrush of an infected person, a mother can transmit this disorder to her child during giving birth, the act of tattooing can be infectious too if done by non-sterilized needle or equipment. So keep precautions about all the things which are discussed here as these things happen in our daily life on regular basis and can be really dangerous if we are careless about these.


Symptoms of Viral Hepatitis B

The indications of Viral Hepatitis B are fever, headache, fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite, dark urine and stool, constipation etc. along with these symptoms pain in stomach and yellowing of the outer skin may appear.



Consult a doctor immediately if you are even a bit concerned that you may have got Viral Hepatitis B infection immediately go for an immune injection, this injection must be taken within 24 hours of receiving the infection. But in many cases it is not determined that a particular person is infected without a test and this infection often does not show any sign in the beginning, and once you are infected there’s almost no permanent cure available for this disease.

If the case is of acute infection the body itself heals on its own but once the case becomes chronic it’s very difficult to deal with it, we can only control the effect of hepatitis B but we cannot eradicate it from the body. The antiviral drugs can prevent the virus from further attacking the body but cannot stop it and can’t heal the infected area. If the situation get worse than only liver replacement is the way to save life.

So this is really a dangerous kind of disease once you get infected and the case becomes chronic so try to avoid the causes of this infection to stay away from it.

Viral Hepatitis B
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