Interferon Hepatitis C

If you are a patient of hepatitis c then you need to know about the information related to it and interferon in hepatitis C. First of all this it is essential to clarify the two important terms, that is hepatitis c and interferon.


What is hepatitis c?

Hepatitis c is a disease that is caused by various infections, it affects directly on liver, and the virus responsible for this disease is hepatitis C. It causes two types of infections that are asymptomatic and chronic infection. A very harmful disease of live that is liver cirrhosis is a result of chronic infection.

What is interferon?

Interferon is a specific type of protein that is very common to a human body. Our body is relentlessly making this protein. It is helpful in fighting viruses and when body become aware of any type of virus entering inside then it started making greater amount of interferon.

People understand this process when they suffer from any infectious diseases and they feel illness that is because extra interferon is formed and is trying to fight with that virus. Other problems that are caused due to extra interferon are fever, nausea, achy and sore muscles. So hepatitis c is caused by virus that is why interferon therapy is proved very good to fight that disease.


How does interferon works for the treatment of hepatitis c

Interferon hepatitis c is not similar to the interferon that is produced by the normal body. The interferon that helps the patient to fight hepatitis c virus helps the body in three different ways. Firstly, they assist the immune system of the body to stop the multiplication of virus because if virus keeps on multiplying, then it will cause great harm. Secondly, they started attacking on the cells that are healthy to help and defend against the invading virus. Thirdly, they support the body in eradicating itself from infected cells while preventing uninfected cells from being infected.

The main need of interferon hepatitis c arises because they help the body to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells so that it can work for the destruction of unhealthy cells that are harming the body. Many times virus became invisible in the liver that is a very severe problem because if the virus is not visible then it cannot be destroyed so for this problem scientists told to give synthetic interferon that helps to increase the visibility to detect the infection. Interferon hepatitis C helps in staining the infection. It makes to make the infection highlighted so that the fighter cells in immune system target them and destroy them.


Side effects

There are many side effects of interferon hepatitis C treatment and these are due to the two main interferon that are alpha and pegylated forms. The main side effects includes –

1  Irritability and insomnia

2  Chest pain

3  High fever and chills

4  Fatigue

5  Weight loss

6  Muscles aches

7  Hair loss

8  Depression and mood changes

9  Headaches

10  Decreased appetite

11  Vomiting

12  Elevated liver enzymes

Therefore, interferon hepatitis C is good but having so many side effects also and if you are going to take this treatment then it is good to consult your doctor about how you can deal with those problems.

Interferon Hepatitis C
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