Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

If we look around us we will be able to find out that there are several types of tests which are available in the market to figure out the disease and find a suitable cure for it. The name of the test which is been performed is better known as HBV antibody as well as Hepatitis B Surface Antigen tests.

The main difficulty lies where we have to understand and solve out the puzzle to make us understand out that if someone has an acute infection, or if someone has a minute one.  By this particular test one can figure out that if someone is quite immune to that particular syndrome.

What are basically HBV Surface Antigens?

The Hepatitis B Surface Antigen plays a major role in replicating itself or in simpler terms making copies of it-self. This is the fundamental reason by which a virus endures. Therefore the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen is basically proteins that the HBV fabricate during the replacement.

There are three antigens in a HBV

  • Surface antigen
  • “e” antigen
  • Core antigen

Surface antigen: the other term is HBaAg, this is the very first antigen which comes up during the test which is been performed for the detection. This particular HBV is very much contagious i.e. comes in contact with other persons very quickly. If the duration of these antigens inside the body is more than duration of 6 months then the person who is suffering from this particular disease is known as patient of HBV chronic infection.

“e” antigen: this is the very second antigen that comes into appearance when the tests are been performed. The other name that will be given to the “e” antigens is HBeAg. It is been observed that if someone is suffering from the infection of this “e” antigen then the virus is actively working in the body of that person. The main target of this virus is the liver cells; it damages the cells in the liver. If here is a presence of these “e” antigens inside the body it means that the blood of that person is also infection.

Core antigen: this is the last antigen which is been detected. It is not found directly via blood test, during the time of the blood test this particular virus has a unique quality of hiding itself. For the same reason it does not come under the observance. It can only be detected when there is a complete checkup of the liver tissues which is only performed under a strong microscope.


These viruses i.e. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen can be transmitted via several methods like:

  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Vaginal fluids
  • Other body fluids

Blood: in this we see that if a person donates blood with the help of some infectious needle then he is likely to suffer from this virus.

Semen: during the intercourse if the semen of an infected person enters the body of the other person then she will be infected by the virus.

Vaginal fluids:  if the woman is infected with this virus and the man does not take any precautions then he is most likely to suffer from this particular disease.

Thus these were some of the basic points about the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen by which everyone should be aware of.

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
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