Hepatitis B Chronic

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is the causative agent of Hepatitis B disease. It causes inflammation and infects the liver of hominoidea. It is originally called “serum hepatitis”. It has been a widespread one all over the world, in particular affecting Asia, Africa and china! There are more than 360 million people who are infected with hepatitis B chronic!

One is likely to be affected by the disease if exposed to infectious blood or body fluids. Semen and vaginal fluids are the main carriers of hepatitis B chronic. DNA of the saliva, tears and urine of chronic carriers is also found to be viral. A very important thing to know is that it cannot spread by holding hands, talking, sharing the utensils, kissing, hugging, sneezing or coughing!

The symptoms of Hepatitis B chronic are vomiting, liver inflammation, jaundice! It may eventually cause liver cancer which a very fatal disease and it doesn’t respond much to chemotherapy, or cirrhosis. The infection is said to be prevented by vaccination only!

If a person suffers from ill health, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, body aches, dark urine, mild fever and then gradually it all increases to jaundice. An itchy skin can be a symptom of other forms of hepatitis. People recover soon in not more than a week to ten days. But this doesn’t at all say that the illness is a mild one and can be neglected. In many cases it has led to deaths due to sheer negligence! Sometimes, in case of hepatitis B chronic it happens that there are no indications of the disease and it is only discovered when the life is lost!


Hepatitis B chronic basically is diagnosed if the patient complains of liver inflammation that leads to cirrhosis, that too not immediately but over a period of several years. This type of inflammation is seen to eventually turn out in the form of liver cancer. The patient is asked to avoid the intake of alcohol because it increases the risks. Hepatitis B interferes with the functions of the liver. It can be transmitted by blood transfusions, re-use of infected needles, sexual contact and from mother to child during birth.

There are several vaccines available in the market for preventing hepatitis B. They are developed on the principle of viral envelope proteins. The vaccine was originally prepared by the plasma derived from patients who were actually sufferers of the disease. But currently many new ways have been adopted for its production. It’s made by recombinant DNA. It doesn’t contain any blood products; moreover people cannot be infected with the disease after getting vaccinated by this vaccine!

Vertical transmission applies for the transmission of infection from mother to child during birth. Prevention can be done by applying a few vaccines to the newborn one after the other at certain intervals. There has been a proper dose of vaccines and medicines that has been brought up for this reason only. The most important thing that one should do in order to stay away from such fatal diseases is get vaccinated on time and henceforth take the necessary precautions and avoid the things forbidden.



Hepatitis B Chronic
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