Hepatic Enzymes

The enzyme i.e. the hepatic enzymes gives us the indication that there is something wrong inside the body especially the liver. They play their role inside the body before the outward symptom i.e. their detection is been made. Therefore it is very much important for those people who are suffering from such liver problems to have a regular checkup.

These are the enzymes which helps the liver to perform several functions of the body ranging from the metabolism of the body to the chemical imbalance which occur inside the body. The number of such hepatic enzymes inside the body is in the counting of about thousand in numbers, which are in charge if performing activities inside the body when something goes wrong so they are there to figure out the problem and cure them.

There are many reasons why some of the liver problems occur in our body. Many are caused mainly because of the excess use of alcohol, and because of diabetes. The viral forms are the most common ones in the case of the hepatic enzymes. There are certain disorders in liver like the hemochromatosis as well as the Wilson’s disease can cause some great harm to the liver. Along with that malaria is also the one which can be a vital cause for the damage of the liver.

There may be several reasons why the hepatic enzymes may increase but one of the reasons would be that because of the use of certain medication as well as certain supplements. Due to the overdose of the medication there can be a rise in the hepatic enzymes. Among them are the anti-inflammatory drugs which can cause some serious issues if not treated on time. The use of sedatives should be minimized because it can cause some serious liver problems. Therefore they should be used only with the advice of the doctor.

There should not be excess utilization of the herbal supplements which may include kava, pennyroyal apart from that skullcap. These things can seriously lead one to liver trouble. There are many Chinese herbals which when used in excess can seriously cause some harmful liver problems.

Even if some vitamins when taken in abundance can also be harmful to a certain extent some of the vitamins are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K

The best known liver problem which can be caused is obesity. It is believed that being over-weight can strain the body in a much faster way. They are the major reasons for the fatty disease of liver. Thus the deposit of these fat chunks in the liver causes the irritation. When a person is facing such problems then he is having some of the abnormal activities inside the body.

Again there are some of the signs and symptoms of the disorders in the liver. Since when the symptoms finally emerge out they result in pain and fatigue. Usually the pain is in the upper part of the abdomen, swelling in the rib cage, and then there is the yellowing of the skin.

Thus these were some common things about the hepatic enzymes and their role in the human body.

Hepatic Enzymes
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