Canine Hepatitis

Canine hepatitis is an infectious disease. This disease is found in dogs, wolves, coyotes, foxes, and in bears. This virus directly attacks on the kidney and liver of the animal. The word hepatitis is originated from the Greek word, which means the inflammation of the liver, caused by the infectious toxic. This disease is very dangerous which leads to an acute liver infection. This virus is spread by the underneath points :

* Urine

* Blood

* Saliva

* Nasal discharge

* Feces

* Fleas

* Ticks

* Mosquitoes

These virus are spread and infect the dogs and other animals, in their body these virus multiples. This disease is also known by dog hepatitis, in this state a dog can die. Canine hepatitis virus replicates in the tonsils and then move to the lever and other body parts. These symptoms help out in diagnosing this disease which are given beneath :

* Fever

* Depression

* Loss of appetite

* Vomiting

* Coughing

* Jaundice

* Nausea

* Light color stool

* Eyes appear blue

* Diarrhea

* Seizures

* Abdominal pain

* Weight loss

* Pale tongue, gums, and nose

* Clotting blood

* Swollen lymph nodes

* Sore throat

If your dog is suffering then you must take an immediate action and contact with a good animal doctor or consult any canine health specialist. Canine hepatitis infects the dog’s body, starts infecting its kidney and liver, and destroys their cells respectively. This infectious disease can often be fatal for the dog. Doctor must advise these tests to confirm the level of the disease and some of the most important are –

* Gel diffusion test

* Complement fixation test

* Neutralization test

* Animal inoculation test

* Liver function test

* Microscopic changes

Some other different diagnosis is underneath:

* Leptospirosis

* Warfarin poisoning

* Distemper

* Tonsillitis


After having the above tests now, the doctor will come to know that the animal is suffering from which one of them :

* Acute form

* Per-acute form

* In apparent form

Doctor will continue its diagnosis and after understanding, they will start its treatment. There are some most crucial points that one should keep in mind to keep their dog free from diseases :

* Keep your dog away from the outside dogs and from the public places.

* Clean the  food bowl of your dog

* Take your dog for a bath regularly

* Use dog shampoos and lotions

* Vaccination is the best way to cure your dog from canine hepatitis. There are many vaccinations available to protect your dog from canine hepatitis like CAV-2and CAV-1, which keeps your dog healthy and protect its immune system too. Doctor will give some medicines and lotion if any part of body is infected.

* Comb them out

* Use dog powders and sprays

* Give them a clean food

* Must  tie them at clean place

These above points are necessary to keep in mind to keep your dog healthy and wealthy.



Canine Hepatitis
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